Meet the People Behind Bridge the Gap

Christian Bayerlein

Ein Porträt von Christian

Hey, I’m Christian! I’ve been a web developer and accessibility activist for years, and I’m passionate about making the digital world more inclusive. With a background in computer science and a focus on AI and neurotech, I’m all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. I’ve given TED talks, flown drones with muscle impulses, and I’m a board member of Aktion Mensch e.V.’s Expert Committee on digital participation. But enough about me, let’s talk about how we can make tech better, together.

Björn Lubetzki

Ein Porträt von Björn

Hi, I’m Björn! I’m a maker, photographer, and 3D printing enthusiast. I’ve got a degree in IT and a passion for dismantling stereotypes around disability. Being disabled myself is another benefit, when it comes to our endeavor.
My work has been featured in publications like Tagesspiegel and CNET, and I’ve collaborated with organizations like Lebenshilfe and DRS. I’m the creator of the Awesome Wheels – Project, and I love capturing the thrilling world of WCMX through my lens. Since 2023 I’m also a member of the Aktion Mensch e.V. Expert Committee on digital participation, alongside Christian and a few other amazing people. Let’s make tech more accessible, one project at a time.

Our Shared Mission

Christian and Björn have been friends since 2013 and have collaborated on numerous projects that challenge societal norms and promote inclusion. From giving TED talks to serving on expert committees, their combined skills and experiences make them a dynamic duo in the tech and accessibility space.

In 2023, they founded Bridge the Gap with the aim of connecting people with disabilities to tech companies and startups. They believe in the power of shared experiences and expertise to make technology more inclusive for everyone.