Welcome to Bridge the Gap

Bridging Tech and Accessibility, One Step at a Time.

Hey there! We’re Christian Bayerlein and Björn Lubetzki, and we’re on a mission to make the tech world more inclusive for everyone. Yep, that means you too!

Who We Are
Christian is a web developer and accessibility activist with a knack for AI and neurotech. Björn is a multi-talented maker, focusing on photography and 3D printing. Together, we bring a unique blend of tech skills and lived experiences with disabilities to the table.

What We Do
We’re all about helping tech companies and startups to design for people with disabilities. Why? Because we believe that everyone should be able to get access to the cool stuff. We’re talking about everything from AI and web design to hardware and even consulting for events/conferences.

Our Projects
We’ve flown drones with muscle impulses, 3D-printed wheelchair parts, and even given a TED talk. We hacked the world around us. Now we want to help companies to create more inclusive products and services.

Let’s make tech accessible for everyone, together.