Got questions? We’ve got answers! Here’s a rundown of some of the most common questions we get asked.

General Questions

Q: What is Bridge the Gap?
A: Bridge the Gap is a social entrepreneurship initiative founded by Christian Bayerlein and Björn Lubetzki. Our mission is to connect people with disabilities to tech companies and startups, aiming to make technology more accessible and inclusive.

Q: Who are Christian Bayerlein and Björn Lubetzki?
A: Christian is a web developer and accessibility activist, while Björn is a maker with a focus on photography and 3D printing. Both are committed to promoting digital inclusion for individuals with disabilities.

Q: How did Bridge the Gap start?
A: The idea for Bridge the Gap was born during the TED Conference in 2023, where Christian and Björn were invited speakers. The initiative aims to bridge the gap between the tech industry and the disabled community.

For Tech Companies

Q: Why should my tech company consult with you?
A: Consulting with us offers multiple benefits, including expanding your user base, ensuring legal compliance, fostering innovation, and enhancing your brand image. Check out our Benefits page for more details.

Q: What areas of expertise do you offer?
A: Our unique blend of tech skills and lived experiences with disabilities provides a comprehensive approach to accessibility.